Culinary Exposure Tips


👩‍🍳Culinary Exposure👨‍🍳
From the start you want to expose your little ones to spices and garnishes. It doesn’t have to be every meal (because hey, who has the time for that?🤷), but the idea that they are exposed to these interesting foods early on can help make for an easier, long-term culinary journey.
Tips to help:
1. Eating with your children. Kids learn from modeling. Ever wonder why they like to play house? It’s because they see YOU in that role. So using utensils, drinking from a glass, serving yourself, and having a conversation at the table help them use you as a model. Of course when they are younger, the conversation can be more targeted toward stories about the food and where it comes from.
2. Teaching the concept of "growing foods" vs. foods that don’t help us grow. The solution to the processed food conundrum is not complete restriction, rather it’s about teaching and understanding growing vs non growing foods.
3. Creating an inviting environment. Your food environment is equally as important as your sleep environment. Placemats, plates, cups, silverware, napkins, flowers and a candle are great additions to the table. Singing a song is also helpful to cue a child to that it is meal time.
4. Teaching your kids where food comes from. Visiting a farm, going to farmers markets, going to the store and bringing a book that illustrates how the food gets there are all great options to teach your little ones where food actually comes from.
More tips to come!