Building Trust

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Building trust between parent and child:
When youโ€™re in a class with your child, I always believe that less interference the better. That being said, when your child brings you an item and puts it on your lap or next to your feet, that should be a sign that they trust you to hold onto that object for them. If another child tries to take that object from you, you may say, โ€œThis is [insert nameโ€™s] doll, you may find another one over there.โ€ The reason for this โ€œsafekeepingโ€ of an object is to really establish the trust between you and your child. Therefore, this teaches your child that they may continue exploring knowing you are keeping their object โ€œsafe.โ€ This also helps prevent fights between toddlers. 
What do your toddlers like to bring to you for safe keeping?