Bribes and Threats...

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When you ask your son to get out of the pool and all you hear is NO!
Let me know if you have threatened or bribed your kids? ⤵️⤵️⤵️

We have ALL been there but in reality that rarely works. When you see your child not listening try to not just say... “you need to listen to me” rather instead hear them out 👂

Parent: I see you really want to be in the pool right now. I would love to stay in the pool with you because it is so much fun but it is time for dinner and we need to get washed up. Our body needs energy to swim in the pool.

Child: But I don't want to get out!

Parent: I know you really want to stay in the pool (repetition is really important). Help me decide, when should we go to the pool next? Should we go tomorrow? Or on the weekend? And can you help me pick out pool toys that we can use next time? (and physically ask him which toys should be saved for the pool- I find that my kids don’t really want toys when they are actually in the pool, but the idea of toys is intriguing).
The planning and discussion about future experiences and the involvement of other items can help motivate your child to transition.