Alternative Gift Ideas


Let's talk about "Marie Kondo-ing" our gift habits.

Between the birthdays and the various holidays, the toys can pile up. If you have been following me for a while, you know that one of my mottos is "less is more" especially with children and gifts.

I always used to write "no gifts" on birthday invitations but have come to realize that people enjoy bringing a gift and feel uncomfortable showing up empty-handed. Now I write on the invitations to please bring an essential baby item to donate to @baby2baby. One in three families in this country struggle to provide diapers for their children. Let’s help solve that.

If you have followed my stories during my birthday parties or even my baby shower, you'll see a big bin that I keep at the entrance to collect all the baby essentials. My children and I talk about all the items and how they will help others who do not have as much. This is a way to introduce the concept of giving back slowly.

Also, if friends and family still want to give something. A great thing to ask for is experiences (i.e., tickets to the zoo, the children's museum or making a coupon book for the experiences).