Playtime Toys

Do your kids really need that many toys??
🎮🎨🎳👑 NO! While it may be fun for the parent, it can be overwhelming to have a room full of so many toys. Not only for the child, but for you too. You will also find that by providing a child with fewer toys, they will be more likely to want to play. Less doesn't mean 5 toys total, but I do mean you do not need a hundred crayons. Ten crayons are enough. If you have a backup, put it away. You don't need 20 train cars... 5 is enough.

Also when I get toys for my kids I think: I don't want the toy to direct the child, I want the child to direct the toy. Meaning that it is best to not have toys that light up or make sounds as your child will be the one making the noises.

What I find best about "pretend" toys, is that your child's play will be modeled after what they see. This is why I tend not to schedule my kids too much so that they may spend time at home with me, seeing everyday responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning etc.

This ironing set is from a brand called @palumba_camdenrose that you can get on Amazon or directly from their website. Or @bellalunatoys is also another place that has natural toys that really promotes learning and imagination. 📷