Growing Foods!

If you saw my post about the giveaway which ends know how much I value teaching your kids about where foods come from.
Even if you don't have space or the climate outside, you can create your own mini herb garden which does not require as much sunlight to show your kids the magic of growing foods. 🍅✨🍅✨🍅
The best part about herbs is that they are fragrant. Getting your kids used to smelling food to activate their senses can help engage them in the act of gardening. It can also help them appreciate the wonder of food. 👃👃👃
Explain to your kids that we are not the only ones who love the smell of food... but also, the birds, the bees and butterflies all love spending time smelling, seeing and eating growing food. (Sometimes mommy doesn't like that part cause they eat our growing foods but I digress...)