Veggies in the Morning


How do you incorporate veggies in the morning?
The traditional American breakfast often consists of bacon, eggs, and maybe pancakes which really isn't that nutritious. My solution is to finely grate "orange and green sprinkles" aka carrots and/or zucchini into my One Degree Organics sprouted, gluten-free rolled oats. The reason I like these oats is that they are sprouted which makes them more digestible and thus much easier on a baby/toddler’s stomach. They are also free of harmful glyphosate.
Also, if your child is hesitant seeing carrot and zucchini in their oatmeal, have the "easter bunny" help! Explain to your toddler that since it is Easter this week, they are the Easter bunny’s helpers. The Easter bunny loves to eat carrots and zucchini and sprinkles them into his/her oatmeal. 🐰🐰🐰