Swaddling Time!


My new favorite organic swaddles that are so soft and breathable are @adamandelsa! They are giving away these swaddle blankets. (my cousin's baby not included -- even though he is the cutest!) BTW THESE ARE NOT JUST FOR NEWBORNS. GREAT FOR TODDLERS TOO (I explain below⬇️) 👶👶👶
Let's talk about Swaddling. There is a lot of controversy right now because people often swaddle a baby's legs together, not allowing for any movement. For kids who have a genetic predisposition toward hip dysplasia, swaddling a baby's legs for long periods of time can negatively impact your child's development. That being said, you can swaddle their arms and their chest, which often provides comfort and more restful nights for mom and dad. 
Swaddles are not only for newborns. My kids still use their swaddles to make elaborate forts, toga parties and we cut up the old stained ones to use for art projects! 
Check out my stories later today for how to swaddle a baby! Gotta get my hands on my cousin's baby again!! 😉