Kindergarten Ready!


Exposing your kids to scissors gets them ready for Kindergarten! ✂️ ✂️ ✂️
In fact, it is one of the many signs of kindergarten readiness. I love these @ezpzfun silicone suction mats because they are great for arts and crafts. Also great for using my favorite play-dough by @z_dough. 🤔But how do you get your kids to actually use scissors? Paper isn't a great way to introduce scissors to toddlers as it can be flimsy and not that inviting. 
But with @z_dough what you get is a fun way to cut things up that are a lot more inviting especially with the bright colors and the scents.
You can also roll it into a snake 🐍 and cut it up and make "pieces of pasta." 🍝 At this stage of development (2-4yrs) it is so important to promote their creative expression and relate to everyday things that you do as a caregiver.
People also find that they are not stimulating their child enough if they are just doing the dishes and the laundry. 👚👚👚That is the best thing to do because they act it out in their pretend play. Do you ever notice when you drop your kids off at pre-school that one of their favorite things to do is play 🏠 house or family? That is because they are simply interpreting what they see every day into their play.