Bedtime Routine!

I am often asked about our bedtime routine. Routine itself is so important in a child's life as it provides a sense of stability and safety.
Here is an example of our bedtime routine, but keep in mind that every family's life is different and you may need to adjust it to accommodate your needs:
🍽️ 5:15/5:30pm Dinner time
🛀 6:00/6:15pm Bath time
✨ 6:30pm Cream & Pajamas/Blow dry hair on shampoo days(every other day)
😬 6:40pm Brush teeth
📚6:45pm Reading books with both kids
😴 6:55pm Ryder goes and picks out books for himself while I put Chase to sleep
🎶 7-7:15pm Ryder gets 3 books and 2 bedtime songs (sometimes his bedtime gets pushed to 7:30 on days when daddy comes home early).