Imagination & Playtime

What is your kids favorite toy??
I get a lot of questions about the types of toys I have. I don't have anything that lights up or makes noise. I try to really limit them as it artificially draws kids in and directs the play for them, leaving little room for the imagination to be utilized. Pretend play is such a critical developmental milestone as it demonstrates a child's ability to take in, process, and model what they see in everyday life. The reason this is so important is that it develops their analytical skills and provides a lot of autonomy as well as raises their self-esteem.
This is my favorite pretend kitchen by @palumba_camdenrose. Although it is a big investment, the rewards have paid off. There is no paint I have to worry about, it is made of maple wood, and finished with a beeswax polish. It is made really well, none of the pieces fall off and has lasted with both kids already. You can find similar kitchen sets that are handmade on Etsy as well as the accessories.