Puppy Love

Giving love to my fur baby Ziggy who doesn't get enough attention on this page...
Dogs are siblings too! Thus the inevitable jealousy and resentment will present itself. How do you control this?
First of all, most toddlers and babies don't know their own strength so they will often pull and tug on dogs not realizing that this can hurt them. That being said, you need to intervene and say, "[Child's name], that hurts [dog's name] and is giving them an ouchie." It's important to use your child's name when speaking to them. Then direct them on how to interact with your dog properly.
1. Find a toy that they can play with together (i.e. throwing a ball or multiple balls) 🎾
2. Give the dog a treat or let them rub the dog's tummy & see how it makes the dog happy 😊
3. With your supervision, let them walk the dog on a leash in your home, not only to get used to it, but also to give your child a sense of control πŸ‘