Yesterday I talked about books for parents. How about books for your kids?
When displaying books for children, what I find most helpful is to display the books by categories. The ones I use are length, nighttime and by language, if you have language books. The reason why I divide by length is because as your child gets older and they want to stay up longer, they pick the longer books to read! With Ryder, I tell him he "may choose one longer book and two other books from the other categories."
It’s also very important to not overwhelm your child with too many books. When they have so many options they may not be as interested in reading or choosing a book. For my daughter who is 21 months old, I only have about 10 books out at a time. As they get older you can provide more, but keep in mind that when children choose the same book, it is because the repetition brings a sense of stability and tranquility to them. Yes it can get annoying to read the same book 100 times in a row, but it is so important for a child to have that sense of security and familiarity.