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As an adult when you enter a store so crowded and full of items, don't you feel overwhelmed? 😳 😳 😳
Just imagine what it's like for a child entering a room full of colors and toys...can you imagine how overstimulating and confusing it is? The world is already so full of bright colors and stuff, and as a child, they can be easily overwhelmed by additional sensory stimuli. When life is so chaotic and challenging enough, why not make things simpler?
I recommend looking for items for your room that don't necessarily have too many bright colors. You can use silk scarfs to add color when needed. I like the ones from @sarahssilks that you can use to dress up a child, or even to cover a basket of toys that you don't want out. They are great for puppet making, peek-a-boo, or all kinds of games on the go. 
If you feel your room is too colorful then you can even cover up playmats with a white sheet. 👍