Daily Pumping/Nursing Routine With Two Kids

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I'm often asked what my daily routine looks like with two kids, specifically when it comes to nursing. Establishing a pumping/nursing routine is definitely hard!!! This was especially true for me since my daughter Chase didn’t like to nurse. The following is an idea of what my daily routine was like as I remember it!

I have 2 bjorn bouncers. I kept one in the kitchen and one in Ryder's room to always have a place to set her down. I also have a bassinet in the kitchen- when Chase was that young she hung out in the bassinet a lot because she was a huge sleeper. I put pump parts outside Ryder's room for the morning (I have like 8 sets lol). Ryder always woke up before Chase. I would go get him and brush his teeth before I began pumping.

I would pump on the floor in Ryder's room while we read books together or he played with his toys. I always had a sippy cup of his milk that I grabbed on my way to his room, but he doesn't drink milk in the morning anymore so that's easier.

Things became harder if Chase woke up while I was pumping. I would have to stop, grab her, and continue pumping while changing her diaper on the floor. Once I was done pumping, I would go downstairs to the kitchen and pull out some chia seed pudding or overnight oats for Ryder while I gave Chase a bottle. Once she was done, I would change her clothes and change mine (I keep my outfit, as well as the kids’ outfits in the kitchen). I also get everybody's clothes out the night before and pack the diaper bag.

Dinner Part 1:
I give Ryder dinner around 5:30pm. While he was eating, I would nurse Chase. When he finished, he would walk his plate over to the sink, I would grab his milk, and we would go upstairs together.

I would put Chase in the bouncer while I bathed Ryder. He’d take a 5 minute bath depending on how Chase was doing. Then I’d pick up the bouncer and move it to Chase's room to get Ryder dressed in his pjs there. Next, I would bathe Chase. Ryder loved watching her get a bath- he would pick up his step stool each night and bring it over to the counter where I bathed her. This only lasted a month before he became disinterested and played instead, but was a great incentive while bathing him to say if he didn't listen, he wouldn't have time to watch Chase take a bath.

Dinner Part 2:
After Chase’s bath, Ryder would play/read books or I played "Where's Ryder?" while putting cream and pjs on Chase. Then I would nurse Chase while reading books to Ryder. He got used to just standing up next to me- I would tell him that Chase wanted to stand up and read books and then he would say "no I want to." Once he didn't like doing that anymore, I would tell him that he gets to stand on the “special scooter part” of the chair and I put part of a cardboard box next to the chair and he liked that.

Then I would swaddle Chase and top her off with an extra ounce in a bottle. Ryder got to turn the lights off (he loved moving his step stool all around the room) and he got to use his quiet voice while I put her down. Finally, I would go in his room and read 3 books (if he wouldn't listen while I was with Chase I would say "Ryder if you don't listen we will run out of time, and only have time to read 2 books, etc" while he drank his milk and then we would brush teeth (if he didn't listen I would say, "Ryder if you don't listen we will only have time for 1 song instead of two"). There was only a couple of times where he didn't listen to me and he would get 1 less book and 1 less song. I had them on a reverse schedule as Ryder would wake up earlier than Chase would, and she wanted to go down earlier. I put her down at 6:45/7pm and Ryder at 7:30pm.

I hope that helps!! Basically, the key is organization the night before with bottles/pump parts, clothes, and pre-made breakfast. I was a zombie at this time, and to be honest still kind of am, but that's because I take on way too much. I'm just starting to get to a point where I sleep better at night (kids both sleep luckily, but I'm always up late).