What Are Your Kid's Responsibilities?

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What are your kid's responsibilities?
My oldest is responsible for making his bed, picking out his clothes, taking the dogs out to pee, filling the dog bowl with water, plate cleaning, floor sweeping and watering the plants…
My middle child sets the table, "makes her bed" by moving her bunnies to one side of her crib to teach her the concept of making her bed, bringing the plates to the sink, and putting her toys away. The kids alternate on who is the table wiper.

The key to teaching your children about responsibilities is to explain to them what they CAN do. For example, I tell my daughter when she turns 5 that she will be able to wash the dishes. So, like her brother, when she turns 5, she will be excited about it! You may get the occasional grunt or whine in which your response could be: "Hmm, I wonder how the plates are going to be put away so we can use them for tomorrow." 🍽 🍽 🍽

With each birthday or half birthday... I will typically add a responsibility or two. For example, I explain that now their arms are long enough to help fold their blanket to make the bed. 🛌 🛌 🛌