Travel with a Baby

TRAVEL with a baby
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The easiest time to travel is with a 3-4-month-old baby. Here are some of my recommendations if you are traveling this summer:

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✅Take @handzies wipes (non-toxic castile soap based wipes) to clean down everything.
✅Best to wear baby in the carrier or if you have a seat for baby, put a breathable muslin cloth over the car seat.
✅When on the runway, start nursing right before takeoff and 30 min before the descent. If the baby is sleeping, don’t wake them.
✅Bring a diaper for every hour on plane as being on a plane can cause poop explosions 💩 I like the diaper bags by @sassybabyproducts as they cover up the poop smell.
✅Bring an extra change of clothes for yourself.
✅For every two hours of a flight, bring a change of clothes for the baby.
✅Wet/dry bags for dirty things like clothes and pacifiers. I like the ones by @bumkinsbaby
✅Make sure baby has a hat and socks on as planes are cold. Check out @nontoxicmunchin for organic sock recommendations
✅Wear your little one in a carrier through the airport that way your hands are free and you don’t have to take them off going through security. Love my @lovesakurabloom carrier.
✅Bring a clean bag of pacifiers and an empty bag. Label one clean and one dirty so when they fall on the ground they get put in the dirty bag.
✅Bring two blankets in case one gets dirty.
✅I like taking tea tree therapy ointment and putting a little on the outside of the nose to prevent bacterial infections (or you can use Neosporin). Make sure to run this by your doctor.

What tips do you have??? ⤵️⤵️⤵️