Sippy Cups vs. Cups

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.49.06 PM.png

I get a lot of questions about what particular sippy cups and straw cups I use for my children. Honestly, I don’t like any of them.
I do think it is really important though to expose your little one to a regular cup-- right when they are starting solids. You can even use a shot glass. At that young of an age if they are still struggling, you can help them use the glass and make sure to model it for them. I did this with both my kids and they were able to drink from a glass on their own by the time they were 8 or 9 months old. Drinking from a glass also prevents them from having the issues related to sippy cups. Studies show that sippy cups can prevent normal development of the mouth. The cups pictured here are by @earthandelement with the matching pitcher.
If you have seen smoothies on my page or my Instastories, I do make my own straw cup with a mason jar, a silicone lid with hole, silicone sleeve, a grommet that keeps the straw from being pulled out and a glass straw.

All items are on my amazon shop link in profile under category cups/bottles. All profits (from the commission I get from you using the shop) go to charity.