How Do You Get Your Kids to Cooperate?

How do you get your kids to cooperate???


Well, to start... when I am in the car with the kids on the way home from school/camp etc I let them know the plan before I let them out of the car.

I let them know when we arrive at home, you will take your shoes off by the door, then you will carry them and place them in the shoe basket. Then I will check their understanding by saying to them "Now remind me what do we do when we get home." This two-minute conversation will prevent the 20-minute struggle to take off their shoes.

The other thing is to teach by modeling. If you see shoes in the middle of the floor and get frustrated by swatting them away you are teaching them that it is ok to do that... instead, say "hmm I wonder where these shoes belong" You may need to explain to your partner that you are not trying to be condescending but you are teaching them to have respect for their belongings and for others.

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