First Aid Kits for Bags and Backpacks

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 4.57.13 PM.png

If you saw my stories yesterday, I sent my son to school with a first aid kit⭐️I keep these kits in my bag, at 🏡 , & my kids mini versions in each of their backpacks🎒

Things to include:
1. @Patchstrips bandaids (now available at CVS)- made with coconut oil, aloe vera, charcoal or plain 💫
2. Tea Tree Therapy anti-septic ointment (cleaner alternative to neosporin)💫
3. Arnica Cream- great for bruises (since I took this pic, I've switched brands & cleaner ones like @weleda_usa that I prefer are in my amazon shop)💫
4. @Handzies castile soap-based wipes💫
5. @sovereignsilver Colloidal spray - anti-microbial💫
6. @drbronner hand sanitizer - always better to wash hands with 🧼 💦 but good for times when you can't💫
7. @littleremedies acetaminophen - rarely use this, but good to have on hand💫
8. @similasanusa Eye drops💫
9. @youngliving essential oil for bug bites including lavender, basil, and tea tree. You can make your own by combining/diluting & putting in a roller bottle💫

I put these all in my @bumkinsbaby bag. Use discount code DRORGANICMOMMY
All of these items are on my amazon shop, link in profile, under category medical/hygiene. ⛑⛑⛑

What's in your first aid kit???