End of Year Teacher Gifts

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What are you getting your teachers for the end of the year gifts?
I love and value my kid's teachers so much. They spend at least 6 hours a day with them five days a week. I don't think you need to go over the top with gifts for your teachers and for me, I always appreciate something homemade.

Here are my top 5 gifts:
1) The homemade nut-free granola that I pack into a mason jar and tie with a ribbon with a card from the kids. 
2) The @oseamalibu Balancing Four Step Starter Set
3) I like to get @siennabyronbay vegan non-toxic nail polish and if so inclined a gift certificate to nail salon 
4) A plant that helps purify and detox the air in your home from @leonandgeorge 
5) A bag of organic coffee with a reusable mug and a gift card to a local coffee shop.

And one more idea: on my @amazoninfluencerprogram shop link in profile under category airplane kit, I show you the components you need to make your own diluted thieves essential oil roll on 😊