Breastmilk Storage

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This is my breastmilk freezer stash and I’ve had this freezer for all three kids! How to travel with breastmilk? 🍼 🍼 🍼

I have traveled all over and I have it down to a science but now there are companies like @milkstork that will help you transport your milk. I haven’t personally tried it yet though but my friends said it’s great!
Because I’m on the go and travel quite a bit I invested in a high quality cooler. I love my @yeti bag especially the soft cooler. I just recently tested it out and it kept my milk cold all the way from Japan!
✈️ ✈️ ✈️ .
TIPS for traveling while breastfeeding:

1) If you are traveling internationally you have to have your baby with you in order to have the milk with you as carry on. Otherwise it has to be in 3 oz bottles or bags. 
2) I always bring my own soap and the @oxo travel drying rack and brush. I transfer some of the @youngliving soap into a squirt bottle so I don’t need to bring a whole bottle. The key is putting a little plastic wrap on top and then putting the lid on so the soap doesn’t spill on the plane. 
3) I also bring a stainless steel bowl to make washing my pump parts easier 
4) It's important to know that your pump bag and pump parts do NOT count as carry on! (But if you have a cooler it does count) I have the screen shot of the rules on my phone to show TSA agents when they question me. I put half of my pump parts in with my pump and the other half in my cooler. 
5) I also bring an organic towel from home to lay on the counter. I love the ones from @coyuchi 
6) Most hotels are really accommodating. You can ask to clean out the mini fridge or ask for an additional fridge when you arrive. 
7) When you arrive at your destination, ask for your ice packs to be put in the hotel freezer. 
8) I put all of the valves, flanges & duck bills assembled in my @earthjunkyshopbag and then I use a @bumkinsbabywet dry bag as my dirty pump parts bag and bring a few sets of glass bottles. 
9. I always bring my @legendairymilk & @pinkstork post-natal supplements. 

See my Amazon shop for all the things I use, all profits from my Amazon page go to charity 😊