Back to School Discount Codes

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Here are my five recommendations for back to school and some discount codes for you mamas:

1) My favorite is the @planetbox rover and matching ice pack and they are having a sale until September! Their sale code is FUELYOURADVENTURE25
2) My favorite labels (and I have tried them all) are @mabelslabels and they are offering 10% off sitewide for my followers using code DRORGANICMOMMY
3) I love these @herschelsupplybackpacks that you can find on my amazon site
4) One of my favorite organic clothing companies to buy some back to school clothes is @minimioche
5) I love the @lunchbox_love notes and include them in my kid's lunchboxes
6) I love the can find them on my amazon store
7) It is hard to find nontoxic paper but it's good to use recycled paper. I like the hemp paper from @woodenwagontoys
8) @handzies wipes
9) @lyra_feelcreative makes my favorite pencils.
Although most of your shopping will be done online... I like to hide the items and do a scavenger hunt to make the kids excited about back to school.

Looking for a good supportive back to school shoe...Any recommendations?? ✏️