Baby Talk With Little Ones

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Do you use baby talk when speaking to your little one?
I think changing the intonation of your voice and using a sign song approach to communicating with your little one is more appropriate than using straight baby talk. In other words, speak to your little one how you would speak to another adult but just change the pitch and the tone.

When doing something like changing a diaper, it's important to narrate to your baby what you are doing. This is what establishes trust and respect between you and your baby. Instead of just grabbing their arm to take their arm out of their sleeve...I like to tap the body part that I am going to touch next in order to prep them for the next action, thus providing them with both audio and physical cues.

The narration continues as your child gets older. Instead of bombarding your child with questions... try to narrate what they are doing instead.

What tips do you have to help communicate better with your kids? ⤵️⤵️⤵️